About Heirloom Archaeology

Antiques, or as Christopher calls them, Lost Treasures, are family memorabilia not passed down by the generational hand. They are artifacts that tell a story by whispering secrets from the past. Christopher listens to these stories and works endlessly to locate the rightful owners in effort to connect and reconnect generations. A fun adventure to connect families together and an opportunity to reconnect them to their past. Once Lost, Now Found.

About Chris

ChrisAbout Christopher’s grandparents all passed at an early age and he never had a formidable adult relationship with any of them. Christopher’s own past and present family life has caused much hardship and pain and while the he works to assist in building community for others, he comes to realize that the same particular loss can be found within his own life. In the name of helping others, Christopher begins to mend his own familial relationships and allows the healing process to begin.

About The Hodge Home Hotel




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